Introducing Christine Crawford


‘Along with a love of reading, writing is something I have enjoyed since childhood. Instinctively I translate my world into words. I write because I love to. I couldn’t not write.

My books start with a concept (or several) for example, the obligations within a multigenerational business. How might this idea be explored? Whose story could this become? Or, in the case of my second novel, how might someone react when they reach the age at which their parent died?

My stories allow characters who may be rather vulnerable when we first meet them to grow and become stronger. As a speech pathologist, I have profound admiration for the determination and strength of my clients through their therapy journey. And as an author, it is fascinating to watch how my characters develop, seemingly without my interference.

Along the way, my characters may discover their inner artist. I love art passionately and have dragged (often reluctant) family members to galleries around the world. Fortunately I am married to a man who also enjoys art.

The concept of ageing is also a theme in my writing. Lily in Through Windows was very much a confluence of all the amazing elderly ladies I met when my parents were passing through the world of aged care. Ethel and George in my second novel probably originated there too.

A sense of place is important to me when writing. Although writers can invent locations, we often draw on our memories of places we knew. I have always loved stained glass and grew up in a Federation style house in Sydney with lots of stained glass in doors and above windows. Stained glass features in my novel Through Windows.

My frequent travels in the outback provided many mental images for The View From Out Here. Then there’s Paris, my favourite city, which appears in Through Windows, and will be the focus of my third book.’

  •   The ACT Writers Society
  •    SCBWI ACT
  •    Story Creators Community
  •    The Artists Society of Canberra Inc
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