My Writing

  • Where does the outback begin? - Where does the outback begin? My second novel The View From Out Here starts with this question. As we head further away from home in our travels, I ask myself this. The outback is immense with undefined boundaries. So many towns declare "Welcome to the Outback". I begin to get a feeling of being outback… Read More
  • 2020 Pros and Cons -   2020 PROS AND CONS What a year! A year of good and bad, highs and lows, of pros and cons. THE CONS: Early in the pandemic, obsessively watching TV news — and seeing people collapse in the street in China, bodies in hospital corridors in Italy, rows of coffins. The horror of outbreaks in… Read More
  • Season for Writing? - Season for Writing? Autumn is my season. I am a May Baby. The air is crisp and clean. Autumn colours are spectacular. My brain comes alive then after the lassitude of Summer and before Winter's hibernation. Autumn is when I write. But there is something about this Spring that's got the creative juices flowing. The… Read More
  • This Time Last Year - This Time Last Year. Last year we were in outback New South Wales and Queensland. Most years during the winter months we take off to someplace other than Canberra. This is not, as people assume, to escape Canberra’s cold, (although it is partly) but because the only time to enjoy outback travel is in cooler… Read More
  • Do I have to finish reading this book? - Do I have to finish reading this book? I’m halfway through reading a book which shall remain nameless. The book was a gift, and I want to discuss it with the giver. Written by a highly regarded author, it is cleverly constructed and beautifully crafted. However, after reading Girl Woman Other and vicariously living the… Read More