The View From Out Here




When a parent dies young, reaching that age can be confronting. From the moment Martin’s doctor gently comments that he’s reached the age his mother was when she died, Martin’s life jolts out of place. He’s soon on the road, heading into the unfamiliar Australian outback, leaving his job, home and loving wife Alison back home in Sydney.

Without a plan and not knowing what he’s searching for, Martin keeps moving, gradually opening himself up to new places and encounters. Throughout his journey, Martin meets many people whose lives increasingly intersect and connect. Within this new life, Martin and Alison need to navigate a separation that could last a year. And an unexpected gift sets Martin off on a new creative journey.

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Alison begins a project to mark the 30th anniversary of Martin’s mother’s death. Her research uncovers family secrets and previously unknown family members.

This story weaves together the past and the present, the city and outback. It is a story of friendships, family, love – of dealing with loss and learning how to live.’

Comments about The View From Out Here:

‘I have literally just finished reading your book. What an amazing tale you were able to create. The outback adventure that Martin underwent, I felt like I was right there experiencing it all – the landscape, the people he met, the experiences he had. There was such a richness and depth to the characters. I found myself cheering for all them to find their respective pieces of happiness.

As a small aside, I loved the front cover – excellent choice.

A very different offering to your first book, Through Windows.

Congratulations on such a beautifully told story of Martin, his family and the people that came into his life along the way … I was able to get into it straight away. Then was trying to slow myself down and savour each adventure that Martin was having, bit like savouring a smooth glass of red wine. But I kept finding that I wanted to see what was going to occur next.’ Alexandra Bohr

I have just finished your excellent book. I enjoyed it thoroughly, you are a wonderful storyteller and it’s obvious you have related many of your exciting Australia wide travels. I enjoyed the way you wove family history into the travel tales. I look forward to future tales.’ HVH

‘Chris Crawford’s second novel The View From Out Here is a delightful series of anecdotes relating the experiences of a man who leaves work and wife to explore the Outback and find himself. The people he meets are varied and very  interesting. Chris also introduces us to his wife and her attempts at researching her husband’s family history.’ Marion Watt, Librarian

‘… loved the story, very refreshing, wonderful description of the environment but even more so of the emotional situations of the characters.’ C M

‘… bought your book, read your book, loved your book.’ R D

‘Are you looking for a fabulous, intriguing story set in the Australian Outback? Look no further. Fellow Canberra author, Christine Crawford has a gripping story that will take you on an adventure from Sydney to the vastness of outback Queensland, the Northern Territory and into Western Australia. With a cast of curious characters in present day and the past, it is difficult to put the book down. I loved it and recommend it to anyone who has wanted to travel around Australia. Pack your bags and let Christine take you on a journey of mystery and suspence.’ Sandra Bennett

I thoroughly enjoyed The View From Out Here. The beautiful descriptions of landscapes and personalities brought the outback alive for me. I have only been to a few places off the beaten track and your novel has certainly awakened a taste to see more. Lynn Nicholas

Details:ISBN: 9780994466716 (paperback)

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